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Work and Travel USA is the most popular student exchange program in the world. Students get the opportunity to work in the US tourism and service industry in any of the 50 states during the summer holidays, improve their English skills and gain communication experience. After work they are also able to travel all over USA.

The program is supported by the US State Department.

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Student exchange program consists of two parts - work and travel. Each student has the right to work ONLY in the period from May 15 to September 15, each student can select the dates of work individually, according to personal plans.

Jobs are offered only in the service sector: these are entertainment parks, restaurants, shops, National parks, hotels. There is a list of prohibited types of work, which is published on the website of the US Embassy.

At the end of the work, each student has the right to travel. The trip can last a maximum of 30 calendar days. Each student independently chooses the duration of the trips and their route.

- A part of BRIDGE USA - Since its establishment as part of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (The Fulbright-Hays Act), the Summer Work and Travel program has served as a valuable and important diplomatic tool of U.S. foreign policy. Its mission – to increase mutual understanding between Americans and people of other countries – remains vital to U.S. national security and building people-to-people connections around the world.

6 reasons to take part in program

Opportunity to earn money
Unforgettable trip
Practise of English in language environment
Professional experience in foreign company
New friends
Independent living experience

Who can take part

Students (18 - 25)

What do you need?

Basic english knowledge

The cost of program WORK AND TRAVEL USA 2022

Registration fee 

300 eur


First payment for the program

1st payment 350$ (USD)





Second payment for the program



More details about payment can be found here

Work and Travel 2022

The cost of the registration fee and the program includes:

  • • Ensuring that you go through the stages of participation in the Program, advising a personal coordinator at each stage of preparation for the trip;
  • • Assistance in preparing for the interview with the employer;
  • • Assistance in obtaining J1 visa: registration for the interview, collecting documents, filling in the visa application form and preparation for the interview with the consul;
  • • Work Permit (DS Certificate) with the assistance of the US State Department;
  • • Health insurance for the duration of stay in the US;
  • • Pre-flight orientation seminar;
  • • Providing an official letter from the company about participation in the Program for early exams;
  • • Possibility of a summer internship for program participants (by agreement with the coordinator);
  • • Counseling and support during your stay in the USA.


How to participate in the Work and Travel program?

  • 1
    Submit your
    application on the website
    or in the office
  • 2
    Pass an interview
    in English
    at the office or online
  • 3
    Sign a contract
    and pay
    registration fee
  • 4
    job offer
  • 5
    Pass an interview
    with American
  • 6
    Sign the
    job offer
  • 7
    Pay for
    the program
  • 8
    Register for the
    US visa and pass
    the interview
  • 9

    Buy a tickets
  • 10
    unforgettable summer
    in the USA

Job offers



Hourly wage:From 14 usd per hour
Официант в кафе


Hourly wage:From 17 usd per hour
Оператор аттракционов

Kitchen Helper

Hourly wage:From 14 usd per hour
Продавец в магазине


Hourly wage:From 14,5 usd per hour
Продавец в магазине

Hospitality Worker

Hourly wage:From 14 usd per hour
Продавец в магазине

Cold Station & Dessert Helper

Hourly wage:From 16 usd per hour
Продавец в магазине


Hourly wage:From 15 usd per hour
Продавец в магазине

Grocery store clerk

Hourly wage:From 17 usd per hour
Продавец в магазине

Ride Operator

Hourly wage:From 17 usd per hour
Горничные в гостинице

Amusement Park Attendant

Hourly wage:From 17 usd per hour


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